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Speed up to 500Mbps Experience for yourself how fast sailing on our server!
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Limited offer! Take your chance! Our datacenter is in Tier III Connection up to 10Gbps
There's nothing more professional than a personalized email address with your own domain name.

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Let the website be our business. Custom your website, our team is ready to make your dreams come true!
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Ensures your system is safe from malware, ransomware and other viruses.
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1 U

Rp 60.000,-
1 IPV4
Up to 1 Gbps
Power 450 Watt
Starting at
Rp. 111.000/bln*
$ 70.42/mo
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2 U

Rp 60.000,-
1 IPV4
Up to 1 Gbps
Power 450 Watt
Starting at
Rp. 219.780/bln*
$ 105.63/mo
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4 U

Rp 60.000,-
1 IPV4
Up to 1 Gbps
Power 450 Watt
Starting at
Rp. 777.000/bln*
$ 176.05/mo
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10 U

Rp 60.000,-
1 IPV4
Up to 1 Gbps
Power 450 Watt
Starting at
Rp. 1.554.000/bln*
$ 387.32/mo
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Not in accordance with the above package?
Custom Your Own Server Needs!

Tell Us Which Colocation Server You Need
Equipped with DDOS Protection
Multiple Dedicated IP
Setup 1 – 4 working days
Free Daily Backup

    Why Choose Us?

    Modern infrastructure to make your business come true.

    Datacenter Tier III

    Our datacenter is at Tier III with 99.98% uptime guarantee

    Internet Connection up to 1GBps

    Our internet connection connects directly to the IIX network up to 1GBps

    Quick Activation

    Setup 1 - 5 working days

    Fully Redundant

    Dilengkapi dengan Resilient Power Supply yang memastikan dan menjamin uptime.


    Equipped with an HVAC system that ensures your server works optimally.

    Fire Protection

    Equipped with smoke early detection devices to prevent fires.

    Security System Monitoring

    Equipped with 24-hour CCTV, access to biometric fingerprints, full 24-hour security guards until the entrance is using spells.

    Notification System

    Equipped with alarm and message system if something suspicious happens.


    Rp 60.000,-
    20GB SSD Disk Space
    1GB Memory
    1CPU Core
    1 Dedicated IP
    1TB Quota
    100Mbps International & Local
    For Windows VPS
    Staring at
    Rp. 166.500/bln*
    Rp. 133.200/bln*
    Beli Sekarang


    Rp 60.000,-
    40GB SSD Disk Space
    2GB Memory
    2CPU Core
    1 Dedicated IP
    1TB Quota
    100Mbps International & Local
    For Windows VPS
    Staring at
    Rp. 330.780/bln*
    Rp. 264.624/bln*
    Beli Sekarang


    Rp 60.000,-
    80GB SSD Disk Space
    4GB Memory
    4CPU Core
    1 Dedicated IP
    1TB Quota
    100Mbps International & Local
    For Windows VPS
    Staring at
    Rp. 888.000/bln*
    Rp. 710.400/bln*
    Beli Sekarang


    Rp 60.000,-
    160GB SSD Disk Space
    8GB Memory
    8CPU Core
    1 Dedicated IP
    1TB Quota
    100Mbps International & Local
    For Windows VPS
    Staring at
    Rp. 1.665.000/bln*
    Rp. 1.332.000/bln*
    Beli Sekarang

    Daily Backup

    VPS KVM Cloudku dilengkapi dengan sistem Backup yang mencadangkan VPS Anda setiap hari. Tentu hal ini membuat Anda semakin merasa nyaman untuk menggunakan VPS Cloudku dan tidak perlu khawatir kehilangan data VPS Anda.

    Ceph Storage Technology

    Ceph adalah sistem penyimpanan data yang dibangun dengan arsitektur berbasis klasteral untuk mewujudkan redudansi data yang memiliki skalabilitas tinggi.
    Hal ini membuat performa VPS KVM Cloudku senantiasa tetap terjaga hingga 99% uptime SLA.


    Dengan menggunakan teknologi KVM maka VPS Cloudku mampu menampung trafik yang tinggi.
    Meskipun mampu menampung trafik yang tinggi, namun load VPS satu tidak berpengaruh pada performa VPS lainnya karena VPS satu dan yang lainnya memiliki sumber resource yang berbeda.

    DDOS Protection

    Network Cloudku telah dilengkapi dengan DDOS Protection up to 2,5TB yang melindungi L3-L5 hingga L7 (HTTP / HTTPS) dari jenis serangan ICMP, TCP bahkan UDP. Cloudku memiliki tiga filter, yaitu
    -filter edge router untuk membuang anomali trafik yang masuk,
    -filter hardware yang memungkinkan untuk mengontrol trafik sehingga pemrosesan data tetap lancar dan
    -filter presisi yang teliti terhadap serangan dan memblokirnya.

    Fitur Utama VPS

    Didukung dengan infrastruktur terbaru. Membantu mewujudkan VPS yang reliable dan cepat

    99% Uptime SLA

    Menggunakan Nginx dinilai 2,5 kali lebih cepat dari Apache yang juga telah dipakai oleh provider hosting berkelas seperti: Kinsta, WP Engine dan Raidboxes.

    Cluster Server

    Menggunakan SSD NVMe Enterprise yang memiliki kecepatan read-write 3,5Gb/s dapat mempercepat dalam proses transfer data. Membuat website Anda lebih cepat dan stabil.

    Ceph Storage Technology

    Backup dengan Cloudku sangat fleksibel. Terintegrasi dengan Google Drive, Dropbox, Digital Ocean dan lainnya.

    Daily Backup

    Beli hosting gratis domain!
    Dapatkan domain gratis hanya dengan
    berlangganan minimum 1 tahun.

    Easy 1 Click Snapshot

    Raih kepercayaan customer dengan mengamankan website Anda! (HTTPS) Kami menyediakan SSL Let’s Encrypt secara gratis untuk melindungi website Anda.

    SSD Enterprises

    Dengan Imunify360 Cloudku memiliki fitur keamanan yang powerful.

    Powered by Proxmox

    Untuk setiap pembelian Wordpress Hosting Anda bisa memiliki Builder Premium secara Gratis.

    Fool RDP Access

    Beli hosting gratis domain!
    Dapatkan domain gratis hanya dengan
    berlangganan minimum 1 tahun.

    Cloudku Advantages

    Cloudku provides services with the latest technologies that guarantee
    high speed and guarantee safety

    Dedicated IPv4

    Get Dedicated IPv4.

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Unlimited bandwidth is provided with an international connection speed of up to 1Gbps.

    Uptime 99,9%

    Equipped with a backup power generator that guarantees uptime of up to 99.9%.


    Equipped with a hardware firewall that can provide protection from DDOS attacks up to 2.5TB.

    Free Reinstall OS

    Want to Install your server OS? Our team is ready to help.

    Visit Datacenter

    Can visit the datacenter at any time accompanied by our team.


    Supported by a reliable support team and available 24/7.

    Full Root Access

    Freedom to configure the server up to the root level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions by Cloudku clients

    What is Colocation Server?

    Colocation Server is a service to entrust your server in our datacenter. You just need to prepare the server and storage, the rest such as network infrastructure and electricity will be handled by us.

    Where is My Server Location?

    Our Datacenter is located in Jakarta-Indonesia.

    Have Another Question?


    Want more tips?

    Visit Our Blog

    Is it OK to Visit the Datacenter?

    Yes, you can make a visit to the Datacenter at any time for Survey or Maintenance purposes by informing us of the visit schedule in advance.

    What if My Server Crashes?

    Because the Server is yours, the damage to the Server Hardware is your responsibility.
    We Accept
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