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Suitable For Various Business Models

our service can support all types of businesses with various conveniences and advantages

Flexible Resources

Providing optimal service with resources according to your needs.

Custom Request

Still Can't Find the Service That Fits Your Needs? We provide a variety of services to suit it. We are ready to provide the best solution for you.

Service Types for You

our services can support all types of businesses with various conveniences and advantages


Rp 60.000,-
Rp. 60.000/bln*
$ 4.20/mo*
Suitable for Landing Pages
Disk Space 5GB SSD
1GB RAM, 1CPU Core
Unlimited Bandwith
2 Email Accounts
1 Domain
Acronis Backup
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Rp 75.000,-
Rp. 99.000/bln*
$ 7.00/mo*
20GB SSD Disk Space
1GB Memory
1CPU Core
1 Dedicated IP
1TB Quota
100Mbps International & Local
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Rp 135.000,-
Rp. 135.000/bln*
$ 0.07/mo*
✔ Workstations
✔ Servers
✔ Virtual Machines
✔ Web Hosting Servers
✔ Website
✔ Unlimited Local Backup
✔ Cloud Storage
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Extra Large

Rp 245.000,-
Rp. 245.000/bln*
Rp. 122.500/bln*
Cocok untuk E-Commerce
Disk Space 40GB SSD
8GB RAM, 2CPU Core
Bandwith Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited
10 Domain
Acronis Backup
Beli Sekarang
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Cloudku Advantages

Cloudku provides services with various latest technology that guarantee high speed, security and always ready to help.

Control Your Costs

We provide flexible price according to your needs. So, it can optimize existing resources

Protect Your Data

Our data center is equipped with backup clustering, to ensure your data safe and can be recovered any time.

Always Here for You

Your business is our priority, to ensure the service runs without any interruption we are there 24/7 for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by Cloudku clients
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What is “website”?

Website is an online promotional medium to introduce, sell and advertise your products, services, and company globally.

Why should you have a website?

It can help your business successful in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, having a website is an obligation for businesspeople. From medium to large scale businesses to the smallest ones. Because, if your business is not on the internet, the chance to achieve success in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era is just a dream.

What is “Cloud VPS”?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that uses virtualization technology to divide physical server hardware into multiple virtual machines that hosted on the same physical infrastructure.

The virtual private server is used by one user only so there is no influence from other users. Different from shared server users (shared hosting), the advantage of this virtual private server is the user can change various settings and configurations of the server according to their needs.

Which VPS plan is suitable for me?

Know the type of application or website you are using in the short term or long term. Then choose the best Cloudku VPS package that can fit your needs. Cloudku VPS has many package options for all types of your website, including:

· Small Package
This package is suitable for beginners who want to learn to make application or website. In addition, the price of the Small VPS package is very cheap.

· Medium Package
For those of you who are starting to develop website or startup, this package is the right choice. In addition to the affordable price, this Cloudku VPS package has reliable performance.

· Large Package
This is the best-selling Cloudku VPS package on Cloudku since it has qualified specification with reliable features that support the performance of your website. We highly recommend this package for creating a business website or service.
· Extra Large Package
This package is Cloudku's enterprise VPS package because it has high-end specification and is suitable for large companies.

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