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One of the Best VPS Services for 2023!

Artisan VPS, Modern VPS
VPS for Everyone
Intuitive Dashboard
Instant Deployment
KVM Technology
DDOS Protection

Easily set up your VPS in one place.

Enjoy the convenience of start, stop, remote, reinstall, create backups, and perform snapshots independently!

One-Click Deploy

Want to fill your VPS with apps?
Of course it`s easy! 
Activating a VPS that already contains the selected application takes less than 5 minutes.

KVM Technology

KVM technology allows VPS Cloudku to receive a large amount of traffic. 
One VPS has different resources than another VPS, so the load of one VPS does not affect the performance of other VPSs. 

Easy management

An attractive dashboard view that is easy for users to understand and intuitive dashboard navigation allow users to easily manage their VPS and explore all features of the dashboard.

Choose the Type of Service That's Right for You

Our services can support all kinds of businesses with a wide range of facilities and benefits

People who have Used Our Services before

Cloudku comes as a solution to the problem

Ease of Upgrade and Downgrade

Upgrading can be done independently by the customer through the Client Area.

More Reliable and Faster Performance

Supported by Enterprise SSD Storage and Internet Connection speed to 10Gbps.

Ensure Your Data is Safe and can be Recovered at Any Time

Equipped with DDOS Protection up to 2.5TB and daily backup that can be recovered at any time.

Flexible Pricing According to Your Needs

Affordable products and services

Allows You to Custom Request

Can't find a package that fits your needs? Contact us via live chat

Support team available 24/7

Live chat and ticket support team is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from Cloudku Customers

What is “website”?

Website is an online promotional medium to introduce, sell and advertise your products, services, and company globally.

What is “VPS”?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that uses virtualization technology to divide physical server hardware into multiple virtual machines that hosted on the same physical infrastructure.

The virtual private server is used by one user only so there is no influence from other users. Different from shared server users (shared hosting), the advantage of this virtual private server is the user can change various settings and configurations of the server according to their needs.

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Why should you have a website?

It can help your business successful in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, having a website is an obligation for businesspeople. From medium to large scale businesses to the smallest ones. Because, if your business is not on the internet, the chance to achieve success in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era is just a dream.

Which VPS plan is suitable for me?

Know the type of application or website you are using in the short term or long term. Then choose the best Cloudku VPS package that can fit your needs. Cloudku VPS has many package options for all types of your website, including:

· Cumulus Package
This package is suitable for beginners who want to learn to make application or website. In addition, the price of the Small VPS package is very cheap.

· Altocumulus Package
For those of you who are starting to develop website or startup, this package is the right choice. In addition to the affordable price, this Cloudku VPS package has reliable performance.

· Cirrus Package
This is the best-selling Cloudku VPS package on Cloudku since it has qualified specification with reliable features that support the performance of your website. We highly recommend this package for creating a business website or service.

· Stratus Package
This package is Cloudku's enterprise VPS package because it has high-end specification and is suitable for large companies.
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