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Is Your Data Safe so Far? 

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Protecting your data is no longer an option, it's a must.
Prevent cyber threats and stay safe with our services

Main Features of Cloudku Cyber Protection

Anti-malware &

Protect your system from malware such as ransomware and cryptominers with comprehensive protection using the latest AI and machine learning-based technologies.

Backup & Recovery

A super-fast backup and restore service that regularly scans every inch of your files for viruses.

Easy to Manage

All your monitoring activity and report results are displayed in one console that you can access anytime, anywhere, even from your smartphone if your smartphone browser supports it.

Advantages Cloudku Cyber Protection

Continuous Data Protection

Regularly adjust the schedule between backups and antimalware scans. You don't have to worry about your system getting infected with viruses. The system is guaranteed to be completely safe and clean.

One Integrated Security Service

Eliminate all the complexity and risks associated with disparate security applications. Cyber ​​Protection processes faster with an integrated and automated system.

Support 24/7 Acronis

Cloudku Cyber ​​Protection powered by Acronis is the proven provider of the most advanced cyber security and backup technology in the world today. Acronis owns Tier IV data centers and has many certifications including SSAE-16, HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Powered by the Latest Technology

Active Protection

AI- and ML-enabled

Static AI Analyzer

On-access and on-demand detection

Anti-malware Engine

Any Malware (cloud and local detection)

Behavioral Engine

On-access detection








Microsoft 365

Amazon EC2

Linux Server







Google Workspace

Red Hat

Orcale x86
VM Server






Cloudku Cyber ​​Protection Skills in 5 Areas

Compatible with modern infrastructure. Bring security to your system


Infrastructure and
devices auto-discovery


Data protection map


Remote agent

Backup and
Disaster Recovery

Unified protection
policies management


Defenses against
malware /

Hard drive
health control

Dashboards and


Patch management
integrated with

Malware Quarantine

Rescue with
bootable media


Backup and
Disaster Recover

Forensic information
in backups

Remote Desktop

Service Scheme

  • Server
    Protect a single Windows or Linux-based server, physical or virtual, with a cyber protection backup service.
    Virtual Machine
    Protects a single Vmware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual host, and an unlimited number of virtual machines.
    Protects a single piece of hardware (Windows-based PC, or macOS), physical or virtual.
  • Server Hosting
    Protects hosting infrastructure and offers managed data protection and management services.
    Protect data from various mobile devices (Android, iOS, or Windows) such as: contact lists, photos, messages, and documents.
    Protect data and the entire website.
Cloud Storage
Protects data based on storage size, can be used on servers, VMs, workstations, hosting servers, mobile, websites, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.


Rp 60.000,-
(Cost is calculated from the amount of multiple systems)
Starting at
$ 0.12
Choose your own system!
Virtual Machines
Web Hosting Servers
Unlimited Local Backup
Cloud Storage
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Rp 60.000,-
(Cost is calculated from the amount of storage)
Starting at
$ 0.28
Unlimited Devices 
Virtual Machines
Web Hosting Servers
Local Backup
Cloud Storage
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Professional per Workload

Rp 60.000,-
(Cost is calculated from the amount of multiple systems)
Starting at
$ 0.20
Choose your own system!
Virtual Machines
Web Hosting Servers
Unlimited Local Backup
Cloud Storage
Adv Backup - Workstations
Adv Backup - Servers
Adv Backup - Virtual Machines
Adv Backup - Web Hosting Servers
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Professional per Gigabyte

Rp 60.000,-
(Cost is calculated from the amount of storage)
Starting at
$ 0.28
Unlimited Devices 
Virtual Machines
Web Hosting Servers
Local Backup
Cloud Storage
Adv Backup - Workstations
Adv Backup - Servers
Adv Backup - Virtual Machines
Adv Backup - Web Hosting Servers
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What You Get from
Cloudku Cyber ​​Protect Package?

Supports various instant applications and complete operating systems

Basic Plan Security

Professional Plan


CyberFit Score -Knowing how secure your system is
Vulnerability Assessment -Detect application-side gaps that could potentially lead to zero-day attacks.
Learn more Zero-Day Attack
Antivirus, anti-malware dan anti-ransomware -Block detected viruses
Device Control -Restrict device interfaces such as USB, Bluetooth and even block taking screenshots.


Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance –Easy remote control on on any device that is under monitoring.
Hardware Inventory –Easily manage your company's hardware inventory.
Centralized Plans Management –Efficient monitoring and reporting is only done in one console.


Backup to Cloud Storage or Local Storage –You are free to choose where to send your backups to cloud storage or locally.
Backup All Media You Need –Back up your files, images, applications and even network shares.

Advanced Security

Antivirus, anti-malware dan anti-ransomware with Local Signature-Based  –Detect viruses faster and block them faster.

URL Filtering – 3 levels of scanning (proactive level such as email and device control, currently running/real time active level, reactive level such as latest investigation and file backup)

Smart Protection Plans –Automatic adjustments, such as patching, scanning, and performing backups based on alarms from the Acronis Cyber ​​Operations Center.

Exploit Prevention –Zero-Day Exploit Protection

Forensic Backup, scan backup for malware, safe recovery, corporate allowlist –If your device is detected by malware, the system will quickly block the malware and the system will immediately revert to the state before the malware was detected.

Advanced Management

Advanced Patch Management –Keep your systems up-to-date and proactively mitigate vulnerabilities.
Hardware Health Monitoring –Monitor HDDs, SSDs Easily
Patch Management Automation –Saves time and eliminates the risk of bad patches/patches rendering the system unusable.
Comprehensive Management Tools –Easily manage your plans with software inventory lists, planning reports, and system health monitoring.

Advanced Backup

Increase Automation and Productivity –Scheduled backup reports are combined with advanced cloud backups that provide continuous data protection, so any changes to your backup files will automatically change your data without waiting for scheduling. This saves time and protects your customers from data loss.
Deliver The Most Secure Backup –Acronis takes a unique approach to protecting critical business data by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features such as antimalware and antivirus.
Protect more Workload on more Platforms –Protect 20+ workloads from a single console including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Real Application Cluster DBMS and SAP HANA.

Your Problem is Our Problem, Let Us Find The Solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from Cloudku Customers

What is Cloudku Cyber Protection?

Cyber Protection is a basic cyber security service which includes protection, monitoring, and can perform other security management functions such as file and image backup, antivirus and anti-malware protection, system vulnerability assessment, remote assistance, reporting, device control, and others features in one integrated service.

What is the model per Gigabyte?

Payment model based on cloud storage usage.

What is a per Workload model?

Payment model based on the number of protected workloads, can be used on a Server, Virtual Machine, Workstation, Hosting Server, Mobile, and Website.

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What is a per User model?

Payment model based on number of users, works on Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

What is the Advanced Backup feature?

The Advanced Backup feature can perform cluster backups on Microsoft SQL, clusters on Microsoft Exchange, Oracle Database, and SAP HANA. This feature also capable of running continuous data protection, mapping of user data protection.

What is the Advanced Management feature?

This feature allows users to perform vulnerability assessments with integrated patch management, file-safe patching, software asset management, and disk health monitoring.

What is the Advanced Security feature?

With Advanced Security, users are protected with enhanced antivirus and antimalware (with signature-based detection), URL filtering, forensic backup, centralized malware scanning, safe recovery, whitelisting, and several other features.
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