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Premium Features Across Packages

Cloudku Provides Cloud VPS with premium quality at affordable prices


Rp 60.000,-
Rp. 99.000/bln*
$ 7.00/mo*
20GB SSD Disk Space
1GB Memory
1CPU Core
1 Dedicated IP
1TB Quota
100Mbps International & Local
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Rp 75.000,-
Rp. 198.000/bln*
$ 13.86/mo*
40GB SSD Disk Space
2GB Memory
2CPU Core
1 Dedicated IP
1TB Quota
100Mbps International & Local
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Rp 700.000,-
Rp. 700.000/bln*
$ 49.00/mo*
80GB SSD Disk Space
4GB Memory
4CPU Core
1 Dedicated IP
1TB Quota
100Mbps International & Local
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Rp 1.400.000,-
Rp. 1.400.000/bln*
$ 98.00/mo*
160GB SSD Disk Space
8GB Memory
8CPU Core
1 Dedicated IP
1TB Quota
100Mbps International & Local
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Rp 90.000,-
Rp. 90.000/bln*
Cocok untuk Landing Page
Disk Space 5GB SSD NVME
1GB RAM, 1CPU Core
Bandwith Unlimited
2 Email Accounts
1 Domain
Acronis Backup
Beli Sekarang


Rp 105.000,-
Rp. 105.000/bln*
Cocok untuk Company Profile
Disk Space 10GB SSD NVME
2GB RAM, 1CPU Core
Bandwith Unlimited
5 Email Accounts
2 Domain
Acronis Backup
Beli Sekarang


Rp 157.500,-
Rp. 157.500/bln*
Cocok untuk Small Business
Disk Space 20GB SSD NVME
4GB RAM, 1.5CPU Core
Bandwith Unlimited
10 Email Accounts
5 Domain
Acronis Backup
Beli Sekarang

Extra Large

Rp 282.500,-
Rp. 282.500/bln*
Cocok untuk E-Commerce
Disk Space 40GB SSD NVME
8GB RAM, 2CPU Core
Bandwith Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited
10 Domain
Acronis Backup
Beli Sekarang
*Terms and Conditions apply Hi Sobat Cloudku If you want to use the PayPal payment method, please Choose Currency to USD on the Register page.
Prices do not include applicable taxes
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Main Feature of VPS

Assisted with the latest infrastructure. Help realizes reliable and fast VPS

99% uptime SLA


Server Cluster

Daily Backup

Auto Provisioning


Enterprise SSDs

Ceph Storage Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by Cloudku clients
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What is “Cloud VPS”?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that uses virtualization technology to divide physical server hardware into multiple virtual machines that hosted on the same physical infrastructure.

The virtual private server is used by one user only so there is no influence from other users. Different from shared server users (shared hosting), the advantage of this virtual private server is the user can change various settings and configurations of the server according to their needs.

What features do I get from Cloud VPS?

By using Cloudku VPS, you will get the latest features such as Auto Provisioning, Enterprise SSD, Backup Daily quickly and flexibly. We also provide additional services such as Firewall, KVM and using Ceph Storage Technology.

What is KVM?

KVM is a virtual server that has kernel-based virtualization as the basis of the core program from a server. This technology allows the server to be operated on various Linux and Windows operating systems. The advantage is that resource management becomes more independent and controlled.

What are the Advantages of Using a VPS Server?

Full administration as owner (root), free to install and uninstall software, stable server (reduced downtime), have a dedicated Public IP, access sufficient server resources.
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